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Best of the Week – April 27, 2012

posted April 27th, 2012 & filed under digital trends, Miscellaneous, technology

1. New App lets you Communicate through Animated Images

A new app for iPhones called MotionPhone was recently released that allows people to communicate through animated images instead of voice or text.  The app allows you to create and design your own abstract animated images which can then be shared with your friend’s images to create new and endless animated combinations.  It’s definitely an innovative way of using mobile techonology to communicate in a very unorthodox fashion.

via Huffington Post


2. Apple releases Specs on the iPhone 5

The Apple rumor mill never stops churning out new stories.  According to the Huffington Post, when the new iPhone 5 is launched it’ll be made of a liquid metal alloy casing instead of glass, it’ll be 4G LTE compatible, and 0.44 millimeters thinner then the iPhone 4S, which definitely makes it seem like an entirely new design, versus the interim changes on previous models.

via Huffington Post

3. YouTube Now Offers Over 100 Channels of Original Programming

In a move to compete with the online offerings of Hulu and Netflix, YouTube recently launched over 100 channels of original programming.  The content ranges in every category you can think of; home improvement, science queries, music / TV / entertainment news, and even something called “American Hipster” which is probably amazing and leaves you befuddled at the same time.  There are probably tons of unusual gems among the content; a good bulk of the programming was culled from the more successful channels that were on YouTube before the original programming launch.

via The New York Times


4. Mobile Lorm Glove Allows the Deaf and Blind to Communicate Through Mobile Technology

The Mobile Lorm is an amazing form of technology that allows deaf and blind people to communicate through mobile devices.  The Glove itself relies on Lorm, which is a tactile signing language that’s then transferred to sensors on the glove which is then translated to a mobile device and converted into speech or a text message.  It even allows the user to send and receive text messages through the glove.  It’s definitely a huge advancement in bringing the world of mobile tech and communication to the disabled.

via UberGizmo

5. Are Pheromone Parties the new Dating Trend?

Science and Singles became an unlikely combination recently with the launch of Pheromone Parties.  It’s a social event where you bring a T-Shirt you’ve worn for three days prior without washing it in a plastic bag and then everyone smells the shirts to determine who they should be matched with.  It sounds kind of odd at first, but maybe it makes more sense then meeting potential suitors based on eHarmony algorithms.

via LA Weekly

Pheromone Parties

6. New Mykki Blanco Single “Wavvy”

“Wavvy” is the first track from Mykki Blanco’s upcoming mixtape Cosmic Angel and if the rest of it sounds anything like this, it’ll be one of the most raw and next level releases out this year.  Blanco is a cross dressing performer that’s part of a new quasi-movement of gay rappers that are making some of the most innovative rap music out right now.  Also check out the interview Pitchfork did with Blanco and other artists about their new perspective on hip hop and how they’re changing the genre.

via Fader



7. New iamamiwhoami video “Idle Talk”

iamamiwhoami created a huge mystique around her identity through her beautiful but cryptic viral videos and atmospheric sounds.  Eventually her identity was revealed as musician Jonna Lee, but it didn’t detract at all from the amazing project and tracks.  She released a new video this week for the song “Idle Talk” and it’s just as mesmerizing as the other vids in her iamamiwhoami catalogue.

via Fader


8. New Cassie “King of Hearts” Richard X Remix

Cassie is one of those artists that has such a huge cult-following that every time she releases a track, even if its years between them, the entire blogosphere turns to shambles.  Her most recent club ready junt “King of Hearts” got the amazing Kanye West remix treatment a few weeks ago, and now Richard X, who’s worked with Annie and M.I.A., has also remixed it into a 4 on the floor club thumper with tons of murky synths stuttering under Cassie’s saccharine vocals.  If Diddy ever gets around to releasing her second album, bloggers will positively implode with excitement.

via Fader

9. Pitchfork Article: Social Media and the Influx of Music Writing

This is an interesting article from Pitchfork’s extremely well written and always astute Resonant Frequency column that discusses how the influx of music writing, mostly due to Social Media and web culture, has changed our opinions and how we think about music.  The author Mark Richardson brings up some really interesting points about the collective music critique culture online and how it changes and informs our own perspectives on music.

Resonant Frequency: Follow People If You Like Their Music | Features | Pitchfork

10. New Interactive Animal Collective Website Recreates Guggenheim Installation

Animal Collective has just launched a new website that seeks to recreate their 2010 Guggenheim Installation accompanied by music from their recent Record Store Day Limted release Transverse Temporal Gyrus.  By combining video and images by artist Danny Perez, and the signature atmospherics and otherworldly sounds Animal Collective is known for, the website is probably the closest thing to seeing one of the world’s most experimental bands take over an entire Frank Lloyd Wright architectural landmark.

via Pitchfork


11. New Death Grips album The Money Store

Death Grips new album The Money Store was released this week and it’s an unreal almost indefinable sound; its nonstop abrasive noise and industrial elements with earworm synths and guttural rap vocals. The most interesting aspect is it was released by the major label Epic and they were signed by L.A. Reid, who famously also signed Outkast to their first record deal.  They don’t have a lot in common as far as their sound, but they’re both similar in being completely experimental within the rap genre.  Also check out the interview Pitchfork did with Death Grips member Zach Hill, who’s also a member of Hella and Boredoms.  He gives some insight on the philosophy and sound behind the group.


Death Grips: The Money Store | Album Reviews | Pitchfork

Interviews: Death Grips | Features | Pitchfork

stream: Death Grips – The Money Store | GORILLA VS. BEAR

12. New Purity Ring 4AD single “Obedear”

Purity Ring, along with Sleep ∞ Over, have perfected the art of hazy atmospherics and dream-gaze synths over half-cooed vocals.  Their new single “Obedear” is the perfect evolution of their sound with an electro-backbeat and woozy infectious synth lines.  “Obedear” is the first single off their forthcoming debut album which comes out via 4AD on July 24.

via Pitchfork


13. New Planet Mu album and Mix by Traxman

Planet Mu has almost become the de facto record label for popularizing juke and footwork music in England and all over Europe.  Traxman is their latest artist that really represents the culture and roots of juke and ghetto house for the seminal label started by idm godfather Mike Paradinas.  Also check out Traxman’s recent FACT mix for a essential primer on juke and footwork, and their earlier incarnations ghetto house and ghetto tech in a masterfully put together set.


Traxman: Da Mind of Traxman | Album Reviews | Pitchfork

FACT mix 326: Traxman – FACT magazine: music and art

14. Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule “Life and Death” A.V. Club Review

John C. Reilly has inhabited a diverse array of characters over the years but Dr Steve Brule is probably the most engrossing and absolutely bewildering of them all.  Just watching a single episode of Check It Out! could leave you befuddled for days.  A.V. Club writer Brandon Nowalk does a really great review of the second season episode “Life and Death” that really hones in on some of the influences and stylistic elements of the show.

“Life And Death” | Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule | TV Club | TV | The A.V. Club


15. Grimes plays “Genesis” on Later with Jools Holland

Indie darling Grimes recently played her track “Genesis” on the British late night show Later with Jools Holland and gave an amazing performance that keeps reminding listeners why her 4AD album Visions is one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year.  It’s an enchanted and intimate performance that really brings the track to life.

via Stereogum


16. Left Eye to Join TLC in Reunion Tour

Weeks after the massive fanfare for Tupac’s digital return to Coachella, TLC announced that Left Eye will join them on their upcoming reunion tour.  The details are still up in the air whether it’ll be similar technology to the Tupac performance, or if they’ll use archival footage, but it’s definitely an interesting concept that’ll defeintely be a big draw for their upcoming tour.

via Huffington Post

17. P’Trique Tells Everyone About Charlotte Free’s New Gig

P’Trique and a gaggle of fashion’s who’s who star in this campy viral vid  as they play telephone spreading the word about model Charlotte Free’s new gig with Maybelline.  Everyone from Betsey Johnson to RHONY’s favorite yenta Jill Zarin makes hilarious cameos.

via Fashionista

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