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Best of the Week – April 20, 2012

posted April 20th, 2012 & filed under digital trends, Serious Stuff, social networking, technology, Trends


  1. Venus X Interview in NY Times

As one of the founders of GHE20 GOTH1K, Venus X has merged diverse underground cultures in a seamless blend that’s become one of the most forward thinking and next level parties in NYC nightlife.  Check out this interview with her in The New York Times for some background about her style and unique take on current music culture.



  1. Le1f’s Dark York Mixtape

Le1f’s new mixtape Dark York is an amazing blend of crazy call and response rhymes over some of the best production in electronic music right now including tons of bass heavy beats by Nguzunguzu.  Check out his mixtape streaming on Soundcloud, and download it next week on Das Racist’s record label Greedhead.



  1. Tupac Hologram Performs at Coachella

Out of the tons of noteworthy performances last weekend from Coachella, all anyone is talking about was the Tupac hologram performing with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.  No matter how you feel about it, it really brings up interesting questions about the future of music performance and touring.




  1. Rustie’s BBC Essential Mix

Rustie is one of the most amazing young producers in electronic music right now and his new BBC Essential Mix is the perfect introduction to his manic a hundred synths and genres a minute style.  You’ll hear tons of exclusive unreleased tracks mixed in with the illest southern rap junts and everything in between.  Also, check out the Pitchfork article “Maximal Nation” for an interesting breakdown of Rustie’s style and how it fits into current electronic music trends.





  1. New Mel Gibson Rant & the Joe Eszterhas Letter

Another week another unbelievable Mel Gibson rant has leaked to the web.  You almost have to hear it just to believe it, and especially when you read the Joe Eszterhas letter that explains in intricate detail the exact scenarios behind the rants, it’s a beyond wtf scenario you almost couldn’t even make up if you wanted too.




  1. Facebook Purchases Instagram for $1 Billion Dollars

One of the biggest stories in the tech world this week was Facebook’s purchasing of Instagram for $1 billion dollars.  Even though that number was double the amount of Instagram’s recent financial evaluation, Facebook still thought it was worth the price with over 5 million photos being uploaded to Instagram on a daily basis.  People are already crying foul about their favorite app getting the corporate treatment, and only time will tell exactly how Facebook is going to utilize Instagram in the future.



  1. Kraftwerk’s Eight Night Residency at MOMA

Kraftwerk, who are considered one of the most legendary and influential electronic groups of all time, finished up their 8 night residency at MOMA this week and original member Ralf Hütter gave a rare interview with The New York Times discussing the group’s legacy and what you can expect from them in the future.




  1. New Chromatics Album Kill for Love

Since the mid-2000s Chromatics have been perfecting their amazing blend of neo-italo disco sounds coupled with icy John Carpenter synths and subtly emotive vocals.  Their new album Kill for Love was released at the end of last month and it’s quickly become one of the most sought after and critcally acclaimed  albums of the year.  Check out the interview with Chromatics mastermind Johnny Jewel on how he developed his group’s retro but still surprisingly modern sound.




9.  Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

It’s been building for a while and it culminated this week with the purchasing of Instagram; the inevitable Facebook backlash is upon us.  Recent studies also show that Social Media and Facebook could actually be making us lonely instead of bringing us together as the initial intention behind Social Media.  This article from The Atlantic looks into the interesting phenomenon of how Social Media and Facebook affects loneliness.



10.  New Online Dating Site Tawkify uses Klout Scores to make matches

Online dating has been given a Social Media twist with the new dating site Tawkify that incorporates your Klout scores into fixing you up with other singles.  Its part matchmaking, part Social Media, and an entirely new techie way to link up potential romantic matches.



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