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London Menswear Spring/Summer 2013: Chaps, Dandies, and Transients

posted June 22nd, 2012 & filed under events, Fun Stuff, insightful, Miscellaneous

Meadham Kirchoff

This past week kicked off the first ever London Menswear catwalk shows and it was the perfect summation of the wide range and eccentricity of English fashion.  Inspirations were present from across the board, from stately modern takes on English Prep, to an avant garde androgynous pastiche straight from the animated gifs of Tumblr.  One of the most impressive elements of the collections was the extremely varied take on what comprises modern English fashion.  As Patrick Grant, who showed his E Tautz collection, noted in a New York Times piece about the shows, designers have been exploring every facet of the English aesthetic instead of sticking to the molds they’ve become accustomed to: “The great thing about British fashion is that it is going in every direction,” Mr. Grant said. “In the past, people pigeonholed us as either dyed-in-the-wool traditionalists or streetwear designers, and they didn’t imagine anything in between. I think we have been a bit braver.”

Kit Neale from the Fashion East Menswear Collection

English fashion has a long tradition of elaborate experimental designs that have been at the forefront of innovation while simultaneously changing what the mainstream perceives as wearable.  Vivienne Westwood almost single-handedly ushered in the punk aesthetic while contemporary designers like Alexander Mcqueen continually pushed the boundaries and artistic decadence of modern fashion, and their influence was consistently present in a number of the menswear collections.  This upcoming generation of English designers has really shown they’re creating some of the most otherworldly and forward thinking collections in modern fashion.

Design team Meadham Kirchoff presented their collection in an alternative venue comprised of a two room installation full of dingy mattresses, dollar store linens, and the leftover debris from a night of excess.  It was an amazing blend of a Harmony Korine-esque post-rave squalor with a neon and floral color palette accented by dozens of dead roses and squatter fuselage.  The look was an androgynous post apocalyptic gypsy dreamscape that combined Eastern tunics with American vintage sportswear, day glo Nikes, and multi-hued pajama bottoms and sloppy boy shorts.  At least some part of the aesthetic was also reminiscent of the current Tumblr hyper-pastiche looks floating around the web, eliciting many URL in IRL moments.  It was one of the most jaw dropping but also strangely organic collections this season, which completely shattered any semblance of conformity, as noted in this quote by half of the design team Benjamin Kirchhoff: “There is no idea of personal freedom or personal style anymore.  It’s something people have lost in London and around the world.”

Sibling’s designs comprised another audacious collection that perfectly exemplified the tenacious experimentation of English designers.  It was a futuristic take on hip hop tropes and tailored sportswear with bizarre headpieces and facemasks that looked like mutated q-tips or streamlined jousting masks.  It was a decidedly white palette with tons of gold and gaudy accents with intricate knitwear designs and pants that very often resembled baseball uniforms cut below the knee.  A lot of the designs reminded me of the Hood By Air homo thug designs that blend sleek urban sportswear with hyper-stylized minimalist touches that automatically invert any overtly masculine cues.  There were even bling emblazoned baseball caps matched with a severely plunging neckline hoodie and exposed full body tattoos that were both subtlety threatening and a tad bit decadent twee.  Overall it was such an interesting mix and match aesthetic that seems like a harbinger for every rapper’s wardrobe in maybe 2030 or so.

These are some of our other favorite collections from this season’s London Menswear: Fashion East, MAN – Astrid Andersen, Katie Eary, and JW Anderson.


Vogue UK


The New York Times




#MetGala – #2 Worldwide Trending Topic on Monday

posted May 10th, 2012 & filed under events, Fun Stuff, insightful, social networking

Jessica Stam in Dior Couture, Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello, and Karolina Kurkova in Custom Rachel Zoe Collection via FabSugar

On Monday night Vogue did a live broadcast of the Met Gala and the entire concept was pure genius.  It was immediately ranked #2 as a WORLDWIDE Twitter trending topic, which is an incredible amount of online buzz for this type of event.  It’s not surprising though; when you combine celebrities and high end couture, its fashion porn at its best.  The online chatter and responses generated by the event alone were incredible.

The combination of the interactive experience of watching the Gala on Vogue while catching commentary on live Twitter feeds was so fun.  It was such a spectacle seeing everyone’s ridiculous fashion choices and the wave of twitter trends that followed, from Marc Jacobs lingerie outfit to Anja Rubik’s naked dress and Beyonce’s barely legal sheer Givenchy number.

Marc Jacobs in Commes Des Garcon and Beyonce in Givenchy via StyleBlazer

I’m also miraculously linked to Ivanka Trump’s Instagram and got to see sneak pics of her getting ready for the event.  It got me thinking about the future of entertainment and how the lines are so blurred; with online culture there’s almost no defining point when an event begins and ends.

There’s such a voyeuristic feel where we can peep into everyone’s lives and create these stories.  From the celebrity tweets before they’ve arrived, to the post-show wrap-ups of the fashion bloggers commenting on everyone’s outfit.  I’m thrilled to see more and more interactive cultural experiences as every minute detail unfolds online.

Pictures from the DIY Business Association Conference

posted September 14th, 2011 & filed under events, Fun Stuff

On Saturday September 10th I had the pleasure to speak at a DIY Business Association Conference in Brooklyn, NY.  Take a look at the DIY Business Association website and some pictures from the conference below.  The room was filled with wide eyed entrepreneurs brimming with optimism and dreams.  I was so excited to have been a part of it.  They’re even planning on creating incubator groups to help entrepreneurs navigate through the trials & tribulations of starting their own business.  It’s a great organization that really has some helpful hints and insights on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Blend, Tuesday May 17th @ Gallery Bar

posted May 11th, 2011 & filed under events, Fun Stuff

I am very pleased to announce another edition of The Blend , a networking mixer  catering to individuals in the technology and creative fields. Its goal is to strengthen the collaborative spirit between folks in these two worlds.

This month , we will feature WANDERFLY , a personalized travel recommendation engine that helps users discover new and exciting experiences based on their budget and interest; along with WORLD UP, a non-for-profit organization that makes the world smaller through hip hop, education, and technology.

Come learn about these two start-ups and mingle with other peers in the industry.

Please RSVP: http://theblendmay.eventbrite.com/

The Blend is back!

posted January 20th, 2011 & filed under events, Fun Stuff

After a 1 year hiatus, I am proud to be re-igniting The Blend. The Blend is a networking/mixer event series catering to individuals in the digital/creative field. Its goal is to strengthen the collaboration between folks in the creative field and new media community.
This month , we will feature the BNTR, a new venture from the co-founder of Texts from Last Night,which is built around the everyday text messages people send; and burgeoning artist Grabriela Manrique.

Come join us!! It’s FREE!  RSVP here

DJing @Syrup’s Holiday party this Friday

posted December 14th, 2010 & filed under events, Fun Stuff

I am honored to be DJ’ing at Syrup’s Holiday Party this Friday, December 17th from 10 pm onward. Syrup is a cool digital shop here in New York. Come celebrate the Holidays at 12 Vestry Street, 7th fl. Must RSVP!

Rontronik brings the beats at Luna Vega Launch Party

posted November 30th, 2010 & filed under events, Fun Stuff

Thank you Rontronik for DJ’ing at my launch party on November 3rd at The Eldridge! Check out some of Rontronik’s newest releases and upcoming events at www.rontronik.com
Download his mix @: http://bit.ly/eL5Zej

Fashion Week Kicks Off | DJing @ Velita

posted September 9th, 2010 & filed under events, Fun Stuff

Come kick off Fashion Week @ Velita Boutique (211 Μott street) tomorrow night to preview the new collection.  Enjoy treats by Little Cupcake Bakeshop washed down with Velita signature cocktails (mixed by Wade Skelton of Hundred Acres) & dance off the calories via my beats.  Free gift from Purple Lab NYC & Velita with purchase from the current collection.  What more could you ask for?

The wkd is approaching and I am DJing tmrw @Tandem

posted August 12th, 2010 & filed under events, Fun Stuff

I am DJing tomorrow night at Tandem Bar [Bushwick, Brooklyn] 236 Troutman Street. Come out and say Hi, it’s free! I am ready to celebrate what has been a long week.

DJing @ PANDA, Tuesday 08/03

posted July 30th, 2010 & filed under events, Fun Stuff

Come out Tuesday night with the Panda Bear Digital Crew, special thanks to Rontronik. No cover and drink specials 7 to midnight.  PANDA: 139 Chrystie St. NYC (Between Delancey and Broome) Wear your cutest sweatpants and prepare to DANCE.