Tips To Expanding Your Business Globally

101 to Expanding Your Business Internationally

  When looking to expand your business internationally, there are a few factors to consider. The list below will help you identify which market is right for your brand: 1. Assess How Easy it is to Ship to Specific Country Cost effective and hassle free shipping is extremely important to grow your business internationally. You’ll […]

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Instagram Direct Messaging, an effective marketing tool

Instagram recent direct messaging feature is a powerful effective marketing tool enabling companies to engage directly with their exiting fans. Brands can now send personal photo & video messages to up to 15 people. Companies now can explore other means to fully reach out and engage with their consumers more effectively and efficiently. Here is […]

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Should We Move Back to the Burbs to Save Our Economy?

Ever since my trip to Asia, my perspective of New York has changed.  In the last few years, NYC has become a tech mecca that’s able to rival Silicon Valley.  It’s bubbling with young entrepreneurs who are hungry to save the world and it’s certainly a refreshing change of pace.  But lately I’ve been wondering […]

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Do You Know How Influential Your Brand Is?

It’s funny how various brands measure their success by how many fans or likes they have on Twitter and Facebook. It’s not unheard of for a brand to have thousands of fans and still get limited to zero engagement for their products.  What is it that they’re doing wrong?  Do they care about your message?  […]

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Facebook Stores: Your Very Own Social Media Pop-Up Shop

For a lot of small companies figuring out different ways to get their product out there can become a challenge.  I always recommend that start-up brands and even more established companies should have their own Facebook Store. Why Facebook retail? Because the statistics are so strong in your favor.  Facebook users spend an average of […]

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Kickstarter #101 – A few tips for a successful fund raising campaign

For a while Kickstarters have been the talk of the town.  Between Kickstarter, Indie Gogo, and a few other online fund raising sites, there’s definitely a huge variety to choose from. Kickstarters are a great way to get some initial funds for a project, but let’s face it, you really need to get your project […]

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