I am Luna Vega, and am on a journey to connecting, creating possibilities for all the talented fashion entrepreneurs / business owners out there. Where will you find me? At an airport browsing The Harvard Business Review or ravaging through eclectic fashion stores somewhere around the world while jumping from one conference call to the next.

Thanks to my many years in digital advertising, I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I worked on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about global marketing with fashion start-ups.




“I create an actionable digital marketing plan to maximize your sales.”

There are many pieces required to building a successful global online business. I help you assess cultural, technical and logistical considerations needed to launch internationally. I help you inspire, connect, grow and succeed.


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I create a universal brand language

I squash companies concerns about reaching a global audience. I find a common denominator. I research what makes your audience tick. I develop an actionable marketing plan to get a global audience to engage with your product organically.

I identify opportunities within your brand

I help position your company accordingly to create a strong emotional bond with your potential customer base. I connect your brand with up to date cultural, social and digital opportunities. Today’s consumers are at the driver’s seat. They want to be entertained and captivated. I help my clients create strong relationships with their customer base.

I provide tech production expertise

There are a lot of tools out there to help you with e-commerce optimization but it’s always hard to know which ones are right for your business. I help you pick options that work with your allocated budgets. I also can hire teams to support with your technical needs.base.

I plug-in and review your business data

I review analytics tools you already have in place. I provide suggestions to optimize your tracking data. I help you make sense of your metrics information. I provide you an action plan.


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To be successful online, you need a tight-knit group you can not only interact with, but also LEARN from. I have met so many talented folks through my years traveling. It provided me with a sense of community. I want to share this sense of community with every single one of you. We can learn from one another and collaborate to boost profitability. People support brands they love and trust. Online communities are the new countries and personal interests bring people together regardless of their nationality. By joining ecommerce academy you will have access to fashion experts, bloggers, techies, photographers, creative directors, fulfillment specialists, illustrators, writers and more whom are on top of their game.


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Whether you’re a start up or an established company, we know finding knowledgeable industry experts who understand what you’re going through isn’t easy. We invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation so you can get to know us. It’s our way of letting you assess our knowledge and expertise before deciding to hire us.