My goal is to share with fashion aficionados how they can build and cultivate a viable e-commerce business that will stand the test of time.

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Topics I cover during my speaking engagements have included:

  • International Growth Strategy
  • Tactics to build International momentum by reviewing specific case studies
  • Taking a closer look at Soundcloud and Asos success
  • How to create a universal brand
  • Strategies to create emotional ties with your audience
  • I  have spoken at Princeton Tech Meetup, DIY Business Association, and Ladies Lotto Panel.
You are thinking too small – The Growth Opportunities in going Global …. is a talk breaking down cultural, technical and logistical considerations required to expand internationally.

You don’t need to be an established start-up, a large corporation, or an e-commerce business to start thinking globally. Personal interests bring people together regardless of their nationality. People support brands they love and trust regardless of their geographic location.