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Here at the Internet Pop Culture Trend Report we’re going to be covering the most cutting edge and next level trends from the world of pop culture and the internet. We’ll be scouring the web each week to bring you the most underground muzak, tech trends, tween nonsense, wtf avant garde micro-movements, and even mind boggling culture from around the world in our tribes section. Each week is going to be an outstanding compilation of the best internet and pop culture trends available; hang out and get blown away by all the amazing things you can’t wait to find out about.


Sometimes new music and culture comes from the strangest never explored regions of the internet, which is definitely the case with 14-year-old “troll step” avant-phenom Glass Popcorn. In a matter of a few months this tween catacomb dweller amassed a huge cult following with a handful of otherworldly next level tracks that had most of the internet proclaiming an elaborate hoax. He actually turned out to be the real deal with his electronic dada anthems that incorporate everything from trance, witch haus drone, to guito fist pumping hullabaloo. You can catch him at his first east coast performance on August 31, at Moma PS1, a show that’ll definitely impress the most pretentious cognoscenti double his age, and you can hear his track “Ed Hardy” on the new meta-internet collective compilation “Sewer Greats Volume II” on Bandcamp.

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Teamm Jordann – “Stadium” from Haunted Internet on Vimeo.

Teamm Jordan is a collaboration between Miami sultry dreamwave artist Teams and meta-internet superstar Daytime Television.  Teams has already gained a huge audience with his debut album “Dxys Xff” on Amdiscs and his stellar collabo with UK beatsmith Starslinger, and this track “Stadium” is the next step for their crunchy, reverb-laden breakbeats, and lo-fi sheen.  The video for “Stadium”, directed by Haunted Internet, is the perfect pastiche between the internet aesthetic of the early 90s and the modern technology that allows seamless sampling and misappropriation of all media.  As the tagline for the vid says, this is truly “the first hit of the second internet”.

Vimeo Views – 8,000


Avant (Shhh)

Hologram City is one of those blogs where everything perfectly melds into each other to create a truly original and one of a kind aesthetic.  It’s an image dump where photos of crystals, still lifes, avant-fashion, obscure homegrown nudity and literally almost anything else you can imagine are simply and matter of factly all thrown together as if they belonged there all along.  It’s one of the best examples of the new web mentality where there’s no separation between content, aesthetic, purpose, and origin.  The only thing that ties the blog together is the almost magical hand of its curator, Alexandra Gorczynski and the new world she creates through salvaging the internet wreckage we’ve become so accustomed to.

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There’s been so many instances of nostalgia gleamed through the omniscient eye of mother internet lately.  In ever increasing numbers people are latching on to memories of the past but doing so through the technology and culture of the future.  Levi’s Film Workshop has just introduced an Iphone app that lets anyone recreate the look and feel of the grainy sepia toned film of 1960s era Super 8 cameras.  It looks surprisingly convincing and gives you a nearly authentic experience of what using Super 8 film really feels and looks like.  Levi’s Film Workshop Super 8 App is available as a free download until August 15th.


A new app for Iphones and Ipads promises to whisk the user back in time through a massive archive of videos that chronicle the culture of the past century.  Video Time Machine lists each of its videos by year and category and the user can instantly be whisked away to Cold War propaganda films of the 1950s to kitschy PSAs from the 1970s all within a few simple swipes of their Iphone.  It’s truly an all encompassing app for nostalgia-geeks who want to experience every aspect of visual culture conceivable through a massive archive of diverse video clips.


New York City nostalgia fiends will go crazy over this collection of Kodachrome photos of 1940s New York City.  They’re part of a massive collection of 14,500 color slides taken by photographer Charles Weever Cushman and then donated to the University of Indiana.  The collection is now featured on the site How to be a Retronaut which is an overall treasure trove for all nostalgia fans.  They truly give the viewer a chance to see the history of New York City preserved forever as the bustling metropolis permanently etched in our collective consciousness.

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It seems like Japan has surpassed every other country as far as how they’ve incorporated technology into their perception of reality.  Their most recent innovation has merged the worlds of CGI technology with pop stardom.  The record company behind Japanese band AKB 48 took facial features of 6 of its members and created a brand new CGI composite member based on the combination of their biometrics.  The “experiment” was eventually revealed by the record company, but many fans were already suspicious due to clues about her origin, like when you rearrange the letters in her name it spells out the company behind the band.  This is truly the future of entertainment when stars age a little or start to fade out you can just make a new one from the useable detritus of the old inhabitants; it really turns “recycling” into a whole new ethical quandary.



via Fader

Ghe2o Gothik has been throwing clandestine parties in New York City and other parts of the world for years now with their genre-blurring sounds that literally encompass all avenues of wtf micro-genres and yet to be canonized aural experimentation.  They play everything from trance-induced Dipset crunk jams, to hardstyle versions of contemporary pop classics, dragged and slopped renditions of southern strip club anthems, and tribal guarachero junts that combine house melodies with traditional Latin music.  The next Ghe20 Gothik warehouse party is this Saturday August 7th at 976 Grand St. in Brooklyn at 11pm.

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