NuOrder plans to revolutionize wholesale fashion retail


With fashion week and trade shows season right around the corner, I felt it was appropriate to talk about NuORDER, a tool that brings the wholesale fashion business online.
The tool enables designers to create digital custom lookbooks, line sheets, place orders, and update their inventory in real time. During trade shows, designers can refer back to the iPad app to suggest items to Buyers from best sellers to customized orders. Buyers can also access collections online to place orders.
So now why didn’t we think of that? It’s a revolutionary tool for the fashion industry which could save brands and designers alike time. It would eliminate the handwritten orders at Tradeshows and enable designers to have access to their inventory in real time. Being at a Tradeshow is hectic enough, perhaps this tool will streamline the process and help buyers familiarize themselves better with designers prior.
Regardless, I highly encourage designers to get a demo. Test drive it at your next Tradeshow and decide if it makes sense for your brand. Designers have to pay a nominal fee to use the tool. It is free for buyers.

Levi’s, Adidas, Cheap Monday, Helmut Land, Paul Smith to name a few are already using NuOrder. Apparently, there has already been over 1 Million units of clothing sold on the software.

Go get them!

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