Why You Should Consider Hybrid Retail To Expand Your International Reach

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Hybrid retail is an emerging retail form in which e-commerce stores acquire pop-up space or brick & mortars to expand their brand presence. E-commerce brands like Mr. Porter, Bonobos  and Warby Parker are all making headlines with their hybrid approach. The storefronts are a bit unusual in that they do not keep stock and orders are fulfilled through the same warehouse systems as e-commerce online orders.

Online eyewear retailer Warby Parker sold out in the first three weeks of opening up their e-commerce shop, and managed to attract 4000 people to it’s first brick & mortar store in its first three weeks. Even giants like Etsy and eBay are using the pop-up model to attract customers in high traffic areas.

Undeniably having events and giving potential customers access to your products – so they can try on, feel fabrics, and see your products in real life – can help create brand ambassadors. Having a physical presence and hosting pop-up events is now available for everyone through https://www.thestorefront.com/. It’s like an airbnb for e-commerce retailers. With The Storefront, it’s now much easier for any e-commerce brand to just rent space and feature their garments. The Storefront is currently only available in the US and can be a great way for International E-commerce brands to get some US exposure and grow from there.

Now consumers want the convenience of online shopping with the personal experience of a brick & mortar store. These days to compete you need to do both. Thankfully, start-ups like The Storefront can help small e-commerce businesses with limited budgets.

We will be seeing a lot of online retailers following this trend as consumers demand a personal and unique shopping experience.

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