E-commerce Trend: Same Day Delivery Wars

same-day-delivery | Source http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-26079356/stock-photo-new-york-city-manhattan-skyline-aerial-view-panorama-black-and-white-with-skyscrapers-and-streetThe days when overnight delivery seemed like an amazing option are behind us. Today, major e-commerce retailers like Amazon and eBay are battling for same-day delivery domination, and a few weeks ago Uber announced that they are throwing their hat into the ring with their  UberRush service.

Amazon has huge warehouses / fulfillment centers, near 40 major cities in the US that has allowed them to deliver overnight for years. The next step in their plans for delivery domination is the use of drones, which will be able to deliver packages within 10 miles in 30 minutes or less. If approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, you’ll be seeing drones in the sky in the next 5 years.
Right now, more low-tech Bike couriers options are used by  services like eBay Now. The company’s local shopping service, use couriers/valets to pick up your purchase from a retail partner and drop them off, usually within an hour. UberRush will allow for the delivery of small packages, 24 hours a day, for a fee between $15-30, depending on the distance. The service is currently only available in Manhattan, but will be expanding soon, as will eBay Now who recently announced their plans to expand to 25 cities.
With this new trend, fast order fulfillment and delivery are becoming even more crucial to compete. Smaller retailers should take advantage of services like UberRush, or bike messengers for hire, to offer their customers same-day delivery.

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