Sneaker Hustles & Uterus Sweaters – just another Fashion Week 08.17

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Do you ever feel like you need a little inspirational boost? Lately, I have been as boring as they come with my binge watching Netflix sessions (shh). Somehow, my Netflix addiction served me well. After taking a break from my Youtube channel, I have been meaning to get back on a track. Let me tell you, it’s been a struggle. Ha! It’s as if my brain doesn’t want to cooperate. Prior shooting video above, I just started dancing – below is video to prove it. Silly right? 


Thanks to Netflix’s Tony Robbin’s documentary, I applied my new found knowledge. In the documentary, he stresses the ties between physical and mental mindsets. Let me tell you it worked. By simply being silly, dancing and relaxing; I was able to get through it. I will be back to my regular schedule in the next few weeks. In the interim, I want to try a new Fashion Business News segment, to help you feel inspired on a weekly basis.  Below are my top picks for fashion stories of the week – let me know if you find this useful.

1) A 16 year old sneaker dealer, Benjamin Kickz rise to fame 

This kid business is BOOMING (well he coined the term – on DJ Khaled’s snapchat – and became a fixture). He started as a 12 year old buying a pair of NIKE AIR FOAM “Galaxy” on EBAY – and now IS  on track to make $1 million in sales. What spurred his success? Studying and understanding the sneaker reseller market – forming relationships with resellers – buying in bulk and most importantly celebrity endorsements. Growing up in Miami, he was able to make a name for himself and had access to influencers. He was introduced to DJ Khaled (who is a fixture on SNAPCHAT) and his friendship with the DJ helped him get introduced to other celebrities and grow his customer base. The moral of the story: Know what your customers want and focus on relationships. Influencer relationships are as important as ever. They help establish credibility and get your name out there. Don’t get caught up with bells and whistles, Benjamin Kickz website SneakerDon is pretty bare bones.  He also focuses his marketing on just two social media channels – Instagram and Snapchat.  Check out the article >> 


2) FTC is cracking down on deceptive endorsements 

Do you work with bloggers and Influencers on the regular? Well watch out – the US Federal Commission is cracking down on endorsements. When posting on social media these bloggers must be clear that they are getting paid to promote a product by adding HASHTAGS like #ad #sp or #sponsored… Don’t get fined – and play clean… full article on Business of Fashion


3) New Fashion Labels Rocking the charts: Rachel Antonoff  

Rachel Antonoff  is a fashion designer based in New York City and she is killing it. ”Dunham famously wore Antonoff’s Uterus Sweater to a Planned Parenthood event where she then auctioned it off to raise an additional $4,000 for a cause. What we love about her brand…. Her t-shirt slogans are unapologetic, daring and adorable fixtures. Rachel Antonoff sure knows how to grab our attention. Her aesthetic is unique – she represents her design as if they were sketches from murder mystery or show’s from another era.

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