How To Reach International Bloggers

It’s no secret that these days bloggers have influence on consumers’ choices and opinions. Some bloggers have readership numbers as high as magazines, reaching thousands of people every single day. Additionally, bloggers have deeper relationships with their audience than traditional outlets. Their audience will more often follow and trust recommendations the blogger has given them.

There is no doubt that getting a write up in a blog can be huge for your e-commerce brand, exposing you to new potential international customers.

Bloggers get requests for write-ups from brands and businesses every single day. So how do you ensure that you’ll get on their editorial calendar?

  1. Do your homework. Start searching for keywords and tagging them to geographic regions on Twitter, Tumblr, Blogloving and Feedly. Than read a few articles and their About page to find out their style and the kinds of brands they typically feature.  You don’t want to waste your time on blogs with readers that won’t be interested in your brand.
  2. Interact with them. Follow their blog and connect to their network. Find them on Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Polyvore, etc., and slowly build a relationship with them. It’s a good idea to retweet or share their content and comment on their updates. I’m not suggesting you start online stalking them, but start engaging so they get acquainted with your product. If you scratch their back, hopefully they’ll scratch yours.
  3. Reach out with easy to leverage content. I suggest when reaching out to bloggers you have an easy to understand Press Release or blog post already written for them. The less the blogger has to do to understand your product, the better. Also you will need to consider that the more followers a blog has, the more they will want to get paid to tout your product. The following is a normal practice. It varies from $20 to $1,000 a post – based on how popular the blog is. Before any money is brought into the conversation, start by simply introducing yourself to them and building a relationship.
  4. Send samples. The Cambridge Satchel Company organically grew their business internationally by building strong relationships with bloggers. The founders, Julie Deane and her mother personally wrote to and gifted bloggers. It didn’t end there. They diligently continued their communication throughout to ensure their built relationships would last.
  5. Don’t be too pushy or salesy. If the reach is inconclusive don’t lose hope. Continue to reach out but don’t harass them or get pushy. Use your best judgment to figure out how often you should reach out (hint: everyday is too often). Keep engaging with them and sharing their content, and hopefully they will return the support.

Bloggers want to share good content and feature great brands to keep their readers happy. If you can help them with that you should have no problem getting their attention.

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