The Revival of Made in the USA

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Made in America is making a comeback in many industries, and fashion is no exception. Consumers are becoming more concerned with making sustainable purchase decisions and supporting local. Combine that with manufacturing prices rising in China, logistical difficulties, and the rise of fuel and transportation costs, the promise of manufacturing in the US has never looked better for smaller brands.

“Consumers today want to know everything about a product,” said one industry insider. “And for textiles and apparel, that can include not only how it is made, but where it is from. Where and by whom has it been touched? Where is the cotton grown? Where is it ginned? Where is it spun, fabricated, cut and sewn? What’s the carbon footprint of the product, from cotton field to display shelf?”

Retailers are responding by offering shopping experiences tailored specifically to the consumer’s stated wants and needs. And one thing consumers seem to be demanding more and more is the opportunity to purchase goods manufactured in their preferred country of origin. For yarn spinners, this means “Made in USA” is making a comeback.

Manufacturing at home is appealing to smaller businesses for many reasons. It contributes to job growth in the US, lowers the environmental impact with reduced transport needs, and allows the business owner to have more involvement and better quality control. And let’s face it, consumers love seeing that tag that says “Made in USA” because it equates to a quality made product.

Manufacturing in the US has never been easier for small businesses and startups. Maker’s Row, a website that provides access to industry-specific factories and suppliers across the United States, is helping to make the process a little easier. (Click here for exclusive discounts)

Source: MacalaWright

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