How Can Your Brand Benefit From Curated Shopping?


Vintage Women Curated Shopping

Curated shopping is a relatively new online retail experience that allows shoppers to discover products through carefully selected lists. Many curated shopping sites are created by influencers, while others can be personalized based on user preference. The list of curated sites, including Outfittery, Svpply, Shopstyle, Lyst, Buyosphere, The Coveteur, and MyHabit, just to name a few, continues to grow.

curated shopping on coveteur

These sites are creating a unique shopping experience for their users. With the absolutely huge amount of stuff on the internet, curated shopping makes it easy for users to find what they are interested in and discover new brands related to their taste. Shoppers feel overwhelmed by all the choices they have online, and curated shopping makes it easy to get right to the good stuff. Each curated site caters to a different demographic, suggesting purchases that fit what that shopper is looking for. Because the items are a perfect fit for the audience, users on these sites are ready to buy.

So how can your brand benefit from curated shopping sites?

  1. Determine if your product is already showcased. [Tweet “Curated shopping sites are another great discovery tool for your brand. “]Search for the sites that are already showcasing your products and helping you get found! Review your site analytics, setup Google alerts, and do some digging to find out where you’ve been featured. When you find a link back to your site, be sure to personally thank the curator for the mention.
  2. Create your own account on curation sites. Some curation sites allow you to create an account and make curated lists. Be sure to choose the sites that fit your audience and start your own lists. Of course you don’t want to only include your own products – it’s tacky and users will see right through it. Think of it like Pinterest. Your brand should be sprinkled in with other products that match your theme and your audience’s taste.
  3. Sign up to affiliate marketing programs. By signing up to affiliate marketing programs, you are enabling users on these specific sites, as well as bloggers and other influencers, to earn a percentage of your sales. Programs like Linkshare, Commission Junction, and Shareasale can help you get started with affiliate marketing.

Leveraging the power of curated shopping sites can be a time consuming task, but it can be an extremely effective discovery tool for your brand. The human touch provided by curated shopping sites can make all the difference when it comes to influence.

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