VD5: Decreasing that bounce rate

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Do you know what is a Bounce Rate? Bounce Rate is a term used to describe the percentage of users immediately leaving your site. Your aim as an online business is to engage your audience within the first 30 seconds. It’s important to have an understanding of your bounce rate by simply reviewing your site’s metrics reports. If your bounce rate is above 60%, you could be spending time and energy promoting your site in vain. The inbound traffic you worked so hard to acquire will bounce right off your site and most likely to never come back.

So how can you fix it? In this video, I provide some solutions to help decrease your bounce rate.

1) Branding
Branding is key. I can’t emphasize this enough. You must first identify who your demographic is and speak their language. Refine your brand persona and be consistent. What is your voice? Are you a rebellious brand? Explorer? Inspirational? The copy and visual design on your site must align with your brand persona. You also need to ensure you are leveraging proper SEO keywords that relate to your brand.

2) Get a makeover and clean-up that messy website
Customers coming to your site must understand right away what you expect out of them. Your website must follow user experience and design best practices. Your goal here is to include big headlines, large photographs and instant access to your shop. If you do not have the budgets to hire a designer, use templates available out there. You will see the difference immediately.

3) A/B testing
Some landing pages perform better than others. If you have some extra budget, I suggest you A/B test various homepages with optimizely.com.
Optimizely splits your traffic and helps you determine which design performs better with your demographic. The homepage like you gathered is the most important page of your site. You must get it right to retain your traffic. Having a high converting site is a balancing act of copy, content, and design.

As you update your homepage, review your analytics report on a weekly basis. Tweak your design and messaging until you get it right. As an e-commerce site, your bounce rate should be under 40%. The minute your bounce decreases, and users are sticking to your site, you just won one battle.

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