VD8: How To Build A Loyal Audience From Scratch

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I took a short break from Manhattan’s hustle and bustle by heading to Miami, Florida. And as part of my Miami ritual, I went to my favorite Cuban restaurant, Versaille.  It’s the only place in the world where my French / Cuban background can collide, and I can appease my inner Marie-Antoinette. All jokes aside, it got me thinking about customer loyalty and the ingredients needed to grow your audience.

In this video, I will discuss: How to build a loyal audience from scratch

Building a loyal audience is key to growing your business.

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Why, because constantly finding new customers is expensive and time consuming. Nurturing the already established customer relationships is easier. A loyal customer is like a best friend who will tell the entire world how amazing you are and bring you additional business.

So here are a few suggestions:

1) Create a lead magnet campaign:

Provide an offer in exchange for an email address. Create an Ad that will drive users to a landing page in which they will submit their email in exchange for a FREE goodie. The following can be done on Facebook or other platforms. Leadpages.net or Unbounce.com are tools that can help you set-up these different landing pages.

2) Provide valuable content via email

Form a relationship with your new contacts by emailing them. Email content that is valuable to them. Perhaps monthly inspirations quotes, weekly video tips, or a music playlist. Do not try to sale here. Focus on building the relationship first. Try softwares like Mailchimp, InfusionSoft or Aweber to set-up your newsletter.

3) Include Social Referral Options

Social referral is the practice of getting your existing customer to refer a friend in exchange for a promo code. Loyal customers are your best marketers. Let them help you spread the word. You can leverage tools like Friendbuy or Referral Candy.  These easily plug-in with Shopify, and other e-commerce platforms.

As a final note, remember to always review the results and optimize accordingly.

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