The New Zealand E-Commerce Market potential

New-Zealand-E-Commerce-Market | img via New Zealand e-commerce market is experiencing continued growth, especially when it comes to international purchases. Foreign online sales jumped 21% this year and now make up 42% of all online retail purchases. Tough geographically small, the e-commerce market recently reached $3.6 billion. It seems Kiwis are more and more inclined to buy from international online retailers.

In many aspects the New Zealand e-commerce market is very similar to the US market. Product and brand demand is comparable, though many brands are hard to find in New Zealand. Though New Zealanders do use Amazon and eBay, a local site Trade Me sees much higher traffic. This multi-channel retailer presents a great opportunity for new merchants to enter the market place.

New Zealand’s geographical size and location presents both advantages and challenges for retailers. Being far away from manufacturers and wholesalers means New Zealanders are used to paying premium prices. Many in-demand items still aren’t being shipped to New Zealand though, which makes it favorable for new retailers to enter the market and fill those gaps. Because the country is quite small, shipping solutions are simple once there. The shipping issues come in to play when considering getting your products over there. Internet access and use is very high in the country, and with no language barriers there will be few changes required on your site.

Overall the New Zealand e-commerce market is strong and prime for international merchants. I recommend engaging with the audience on social media and using local market places to get started.

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