VD13: Business Tools To Use While Traveling & Working

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Staying organized can be challenging when you are always on the go.
I have developed a system throughout the years to help me stay organized and efficiently work with my team wherever I am.

In this video, I share some essential business tools to use while traveling.

1) Have a travel planner
I love TripIt, download the app today. It automatically saves travel reservation emails within the app, so you never have to look through your phone for flight information, hotel reservations, maps, etc… You no longer need to create itineraries; TripIt does it for you.

2) Forget paper receipts
When traveling it’s easy to accumulate paper receipts. When you have to save every receipt for your travel expenses, the next thing you know you are bringing back more receipts than souvenirs. Well now, you can easily scan all your receipts with your phone with Shoeboxed and it integrates with Quickbooks.

3) Go on the cloud
I don’t save anything on my computer these days. Why? Because I’ve had too many bad experiences with losing important files, needing files on the go, you name it. Dropbox is my favorite cloud server. The beauty is that if you keep on referring your friends you can easily get 100 Gigs.
Dropbox also has an iPhone app. You can access your files while on the go, for those times when you are not in front of your computer, and desperately need to share files with other team members.

4) Stay connected anywhere around the world
Be reachable from anywhere around the world by getting a toll-free number that is forwarded to your local phone. You can either use Grasshopper or Skype. And finally, make scheduling appointments a breeze by using Bookfresh or Join.Me

Conclusion: These business tools will help you a great deal while traveling. They will enable you to be available on the go so you can squeeze in some sight seeing. What’s the point otherwise, right?!

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