VD17: How To Deal With Unhappy Customers

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When running your business, at some point you will receive a complain from an unhappy customer. Their shipment might have gotten lost, or they might not be happy with your product. Whatever it is – don’t lose sleep over it.

Here is how to stay cool:


Always listen to what your customer has to say. Let them vent and find out what made them angry in the first place. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Build a rapport with them and offer to call them versus handling the situation via email.


Try to provide a solution to their problem that is within reason. Be prepared for these types of situations. You may have to pay for return shipping or provide a discount on their next purchase. Decide what makes sense based on the authenticity of their complaint.


Once you have both agreed on a solution make sure to take action immediately. Show them that you are willing to fix the problem. I would also suggest that you ask for their feedback on how you can do better next time by sending them a feedback form they can fill out. This will catch them off guard and might help reframe their thinking about their negative experience. Use Formstack or TypeForm to create a feedback form.

Conclusion: Always deal with the problem as soon as possible and try to turn around the customer’s bad experience. Remember it’s not personal, it’s business.

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