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The minute I read this manifesto I felt compelled to share. Immediately after I read it, I clicked through to learn more about Holstee. Holstee is a retail store for mindful shoppers, each product is sustainable and each purchase helps support a cause.

Without realizing it, Holstee’s manifesto became a powerful viral tool which helped them galvanize supporters.  It drove 80,000 view to their site and 6,000 likes on Facebook. That’s an extremely impressive reach considering they solely used social media to spread the word.

So why did it work?

For starters, their manifesto is unique and inspirational. They opened up their soul and shared what pushed them to start their business.  They also did a great job designing it to grab people’s attention with call to actions like “Life is short” and “this is your life”. The information resonates with all of us and is timeless.

It’s no surprise their manifesto spreads virally and still drives  people to their site three years after .

Brands and entrepreneurs alike can learn from this. To often in the eagerness to push a product, consumers needs are forgotten. It’s like walking into a retail store and having the perfume lady spray perfume on you without your permission.

With the social media hype, companies forget that to keep your client’s interest you need to keep their opinion and needs in mind. The same principles that apply to an offline/retail environment apply online. So think twice when creating content, don’t be the pushy sales person.

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