VD63: Pitching Blogger Collaborations

Can we all agree it’s increasingly challenging to get our work noticed online? How many times did you share something you were really proud of and crickets?  It can be discouraging at times. However, part of the answer relies on forging strategic collaborations with influencers / bloggers in your niche. Collaborations help introduce your business to new audiences. It’s a great way to expand your circle of influence while building new relationships. There is power in numbers and alliances.

Knowing which influence / blogger to work with can be a trial and error process (I invite you to check out last Blogpost on how to discover Right Influencers to work with >>) You might have already tried reaching out to Youtubers or Fashion bloggers without much success. The more influential the blogger, the less likely they will respond. But we can change your luck by being methodical. In this video, I share steps needed to pitch blogger collaborations and turn NO’s into Yes’.

  1. Interact on Social Media: Build a rapport first with person you are interested in collaborating with. Start by following them on Social Media, if you aren’t already. Interact with them by adding constructive comments, sharing their posts. Now don’t be a creep and comment on everything. Instead, favorite their tweets, reference their work in your existing blog, or encourage your audience to follow them.  Balance is key. Treat it as an in real life relationship
  2. It’s not about you: Have you received emails from strangers asking for your help meanwhile it doesn’t take into considerations your needs? The email focuses strictly on what you ought to do for other person while completely taking you out of the equation. Most of us will hit delete. Don’t copy and paste a press release you wrote. Be personable.
  3. how can you help them: This brings me to my next point, you need to decide on how type of collaboration you want to forge. How can you help them? What are you each getting out of the collaboration? For example, if you are reaching out to a Youtube personality that has more subscribers than you, what will they gain from collaborating with you? Can you introduce them to a new audience? Can you secure a sponsor? Be creative and put yourself in the shoes of the influencer you are looking to work with.
Remember to make friend and continue growing your network – don’t do a collaboration and move on with your life. That’s plain rude. Make sure to maintain the relationship you just made. Check-in with them regularly and continue sharing their content with your audience.
PS: I am back in Miami, Florida and started a Youtube Meetup down here. Through it, I met some great fellow Youtubers and collaborated with them in this video. Make sure to check out their channel by clicking on their icon on this video.

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