Tips To Expanding Your Business Globally

VD63: Pitching Blogger Collaborations

Can we all agree it’s increasingly challenging to get our work noticed online? How many times did you share something you were really proud of and crickets?  It can be discouraging at times. However, part of the answer relies on forging strategic collaborations with influencers / bloggers in your niche. Collaborations help introduce your business […]

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Central Europe E-Commerce Market Shows Promising Development

  Despite recent and ongoing financial woes, Europe continues to make up the largest share of the B2C e-commerce market in the world. The region experiencing the most growth is Central Europe, with a projected growth of 12% per year. As Central Europe is showing such promising development and growth, it is definitely a market […]

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VD2: 3 Questions to ask before launching internationally

If you can’t see video above – click here: Deciding to expand internationally can be daunting for many e-commerce stores. The fear of the unknown along with potential costs associated with shipping internationally can stop small businesses from offering international customers their products. When launching a product internationally it is important to understand market’s […]

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Why you should expand your online store to Germany

Small business owners considering expanding to Europe are often overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Start small! Don’t try to tackle an entire continent, go country by country to get your feet wet. [Tweet “If  you are interested in tapping into the European market, Germany is a great country to target.”] Here is why:  […]

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How To Choose A Social Media Platform For Your Business

Business owners often struggle on deciding which social media platform will yield the best return of investment for their brand. To help with your decision making process, Shopify published a study which outlines platforms with highest conversion rates. Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram hold the best potential for e-commerce fashion brands. Users from these platforms […]

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How can E-Commerce Businesses enter the Chinese Market?

  China is a constantly evolving market with 18 million cross-border shoppers. In 2013 China surpassed the US “the world’s largest digital retail market”, a report from Bain & Co states. 84% of Chinese online shopping is spent on US e-commerce sites. Many Chinese consumers prefer to shop abroad for luxury products to avoid high […]

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