Google+ is here, what does it mean for your business?

Google + just launched their iPhone app this morning.
Since users pre-dominantly check their social media status on their mobile devices, Google+ adoption rate will spike.

So what does this mean for your business?
Well don’t worry, no need to rush and create a business profile on Google+. It isn’t allowed yet. Google will allow business profile pages in the near future. I suspect Google Places businesses will be notified once it becomes available. So if you haven’t already, I highly suggest you create a google places account

The google+ business profile page will integrate with Google Places and enable for customer reviews and + recommendations. It will also enable businesses to link their existing social networks such as twitter and Facebook to their google+ profile page.

So why should you even bother keeping up with another social network?
Well, the great thing about Google+ is it allows for a more intimate and controlled environment. Creating groups and sharing information with accordingly is more counter intuitive than in Facebook or twitter.
I also love that Google+ has a hangout which allows for multiple users video conference.
For businesses, the hangout tool could be used for customer support or to provide exclusive access to a new product.
The possibilities are there.

So what should you do while you wait for Google+ business profile?
– Create a Google+ personal account so you can familiarize yourself with this new environment
– Connect your Twitter and or Facebook profiles to Google+ (here is how: (
– Add the Google+ (+1) on your site

For more information on Google+, watch this video, better than introductory video that is out there

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