How to Launch Your Fashion Brand in 30 Days or less

What is the Secret Sauce Behind Creating Massive Buzz around your Launch Do you ever wonder how some online fashion retailers create massive buzz around their launch while others barely get noticed? How do they manage to sell from day one? How do they get a tribe of customers to purchase their product? And where […]

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How To Choose A Social Media Platform For Your Business

Business owners often struggle on deciding which social media platform will yield the best return of investment for their brand. To help with your decision making process, Shopify published a study which outlines platforms with highest conversion rates. Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram hold the best potential for e-commerce fashion brands. Users from these platforms […]

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Social Media Campaign Results Don’t Happen Overnight

I had an interesting conversation with a client today which made me think about a false notion within Social Media marketing. There’s a misconception out there that Social Media results happen instantaneously. The press is constantly focusing on overnight success stories, from viral campaigns to multi-million dollar advertising onslaughts. Yes, overnight low budget viral videos […]

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