Tumblr A Powerful Tool To Amp Up Your International Audience

courtesy of galxboy.tumblr.com/

courtesy of galxboy.tumblr.com/

These days Fashion brands can’t deny the power of Tumblr.

Many indie brands have successfully expanded their business and even sell their items directly on Tumblr. Tumblr has 120 million monthly visitors from around the World. The demographic is predominantly teenagers and young adults,  13 to 35.

Many emerging African brands are growing organically strictly using Tumblr as their platform of choice – and going viral! Recently, brands such as Smadzadza and Loux The Vintage Guru earned international press strictly through Tumblr. Likewise, the African Sapeurs movement and their sharp sense of style has been getting quite a bit of traction and recognition on Tumblr. Sapeurs is a subculture of well-dressed gentlemen who have a like for bespoke suits and immaculate footwear.

So how can Indie fashion brands leverage this powerful platform and learn from the successes of the Sapeurs?

  1. Be creative: Tumblr is the kind of platform that lets creativity flow. Tumblr’s 120 million monthly users want to see unique and creative work in their dashboard, and through the re-posting feature and the vast network, brands with a unique visual aesthetic can garner great exposure. This should be the platform where your brand lets it get all loose. Don’t be afraid to be a little naughty on Tumblr. Most of the content on Tumblr is extremely focused. Keep that in mind when starting your Tumblr blog. Tumblr is a meme generator and we know how powerful memes are.Why did the African Sapeurs get International recognition – because the content was extremely niched, creative and original.
  2. Re-post, Like and curate: Repost interesting content you find on Tumblr which fits within your brand persona.  Tumblr is a very active social community and interacting with other users is key to your success on the channel. Not only will it help you build relationships with other Tumblr users, it will also create a uniquely curated blog with a mix or original and re-posted content.
  3. Compliment your original content: Tumblr is a great way to have behind the scenes content. Squeeze more life out of your social media post by highlighting only important information. Tumblr makes it incredibly easy to post whatever type of content you want from songs, instagram pics to text message conversations.
  4. Repurpose your content: Repurposing content is ok on Tumblr. As long as you publish consistently and participate with your audience by reposting, etc… Your audience will be fine with seeing content twice. Do not just repurpose from your blog, feel free to repurpose from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even promote your SnapChat events.
  5. Tag Your Posts: Tagging is extremely important on Tumblr – thats how content is found on Tumblr. Be as descriptive as possible – use relevant keywords to help your content be discovered. I also recommend you use multiple tags and be consistent.

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