The quickest & easiest way to bring more traffic to your e-commerce site

multi-channel-retail | Image Source of multi-channel selling as yet another search-engine for your brand.

I am always surprised by how many e-commerce fashion brands forget to consider multi-channel selling for their brands. Recent research by, found that multichannel shoppers are more valuable than customers who shop via a single sales channel. Those shoppers have a 12% greater buying frequency and a 32% higher annual spending history than customers who shop at a physical store.

Beyond your e-commerce website, as a merchant you should sell in public marketplaces like eBay, Overstock, Etsy and Amazon as well as tap into a multitude of shopping-comparison sites like,,, Froogle, etc…

These public marketplaces help bring millions of shoppers to various e-commerce sites daily.

In the second quarter, eBay alone had 203 million registered users, representing a 29 percent increase over the 157 million users reported at the end of the second quarter last year.

Shopping comparison sites serve as a powerful tool to help merchant connect with potential buyers. Many consumers begin their searches on comparison sites, creating a great opportunity for smaller retailers to get their brand name in front of more shoppers.

Whether you’re thinking about selling on an online market place or a comparison site, tapping into multiple sales channels can increase opportunities for additional sales as well as help expand your brand’s recognition.

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