My book “The Global Influence” is out on Amazon!

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Super excited; my book is finally out on Amazon!!! Inspired by all my travels these last 2 years… My goal was to provide an easy digestible e-commerce guide to help small businesses succeed in the global market.

For a year; I gathered a list of the latest e-commerce technologies, case studies and personal knowledge while condensing information so it would be easily digestible for non-techies. I put my soul into this. At times, I was ready to give up but I kept going. I know too many talented individuals in the fashion industry who could use the information I was putting together. I had to get it all on paper in the hope to help you started on your journey to international stardom.

My book breaks down into daily exercises concepts needed to optimize and create a scalable marketing strategy to reach a global audience. Through my experience working in the digital advertising industry, I compiled a list of crucial steps needed to build a successful international e-commerce site. I highlighted key strategies required to target international repeat customers. My goal is to help small businesses transform into #globalinfluencer (s)!

P.S: To whichever BS article out there I read about how easy writing a book is: you were full of $%#*. It’s not impossible, hey I did it. But what an excruciating process. I believe like anything in life it gets easier with practice. Glad, I made it happen. Feel free to email me if you want tips on how to finish your book.

So let’s go get them.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ======================

New York, NEW YORK (May 14th, 2014) – Luna Vega, digital marketing consultant, announces the launch of her new book, The Global Influence which encourages small businesses to become #GlobalInfluencer brands.

Available on Amazon and any bookstore near you for $14.99, The Global Influence shares key e-commerce insights for small business owners looking to break onto the global marketplace.

In 2012, global e-commerce sales soared past the $1 Trillon mark, and indicate no hints of stalling (EMarketer: E-commerce Sales Topped $1 Trillion for First Time in 2012). Most e-commerce businesses out there will fail within their first year in business. Even some larger retailers are not successful with their e-commerce stores. (Entrepreneur: Struggling With Online Sales? So Are the Big Guys)But there is a new league of niched e-commerce startups and individuals such as, Asos, and Nastygal CEO, #Girlboss author Sophia Amoruso, who are blazing trails in the market place. With e-commerce generating huge profits, small business owners should clamor to get their piece of the online pie, yet not all business owners have the knowledge to do so successfully.

Luna Vega wrote her book The Global Influence for that very reason. She created  a step by step guide for e-commerce novices, looking to create burgeoning businesses. The Global influence was written over the course of a year Vega spent exploring fashion capitals around the world, pouring over case studies, and drawing in her past experience into the digestible guide. Vega encourages her readers to think past their immediate communities, and equipping them with the know-how to go after the world market that they have yet to tap into. The Global Influence boasts substance with daily exercises, effective marketing tactics, and strategies, to reach and retain an international and loyal customer base.

“I’m constantly telling my clients, ‘Do what you love and attract new clients from around the world!,’ “ Vega said recently. “Online retail has changed consumer behavior forever. Consumers no longer buy locally. Instead, they research and support socially responsible brands. There are limitless opportunities in international markets. Through the power of digital marketing, small businesses can build trust and acquire a devoted international tribe of followers.”

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