VD10: How To Get More Reviews From Your Customers

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However, asking customers to provide reviews can be tricky. As a business, you don’t want to be too pushy and turn-off your customers.

Watch this video, to get some ideas on how to get more reviews from your customers without coming off like an “Ask-Hole”.

1) Give customers a reason to provide a review

Offer outstanding services and products. Understand specific needs of each of your customers. Try to help them find a solution to their problem; whether shipping an item just in time for a special occasion or walking them through your return policies. Be patient and kind.

Analyze customers’ behaviors on your site and interact accordingly.
Install a cart abandonment app to reach you to customers dropping off from your site – try Jilt or Rejoiner.

Finally, thank new customers who just purchased from you. Make them feel special, perhaps add a surprise goodie like a free music track, etc. Your extra efforts will translate into positive reviews.

2) Include After Purchase Prompts

Email your customers right after they have purchased from you. You can also provide 20% discount on future purchases or free shipping in exchange for a review. Make sure to ask for an honest review otherwise following this practice is questionable. You want customers to provide a review on their specific purchasing experience or product. Ask them to rate a series of questions – make the process of providing a review as painless as possible.

3) Social Media Polling: 

Listen to what customers are saying about your brand on Social Media and key reviewing sites. This should be part of your ongoing reputation management strategy. Set-up Google Alerts and review social media chatter.

Apps you should look into implementing within your e-commerce site include: Yotpo, Dropifi and Get Five Stars.

Conclusion: Always thank your customers for the feedback they provided, even if it’s negative. Do not under-estimate the power of word of mouth.

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Streamline and organize your sales marketing funnel by automatically including feedback requests from loyal customers. Include each review directly within your site to ensure visibility.


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