Instagram Direct Messaging, an effective marketing tool

Instagram recent direct messaging feature is a powerful effective marketing tool enabling companies to engage directly with their exiting fans. Brands can now send personal photo & video messages to up to 15 people. Companies now can explore other means to fully reach out and engage with their consumers more effectively and efficiently. Here is how.

Using Instagram Direct:

  1. Take a photo and/or record a video. Add optional effects, filters and captions.
  2. Tap on an option called “direct” on the screen.
  3. Tap the names of the followers to send the video and/or photo.
  4. Tap on “send.”

Some ideas to leverage the new functionality:

1. Hold a Contest

Post a product photo with instructions stating that the first 10 people to comment on the photo will receive a direct message with detailed information on how to enter the contest. Or ask each of the 10 people to submit a photo of themselves using the product to win prizes. Then post the best photos to different social channels for added content.

2. Promotions

Share coupons, discount codes to the most active consumers or give them an incentive by providing special promotions.

3. Premium content

Share behind the scenes content of photo shoot, special tips or guest appearances

Instagram has evolved as a crucial marketing tool for online retailers. Direct Messaging is definitely a great tool to increase user engagement and  solving customer service issues.

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