VD65: YouTube Growth Hacks

I am celebrating my 65th episode which means I have had a Youtube channel for over a year. Woohoo!!! Time flies! It’s been a rollercoaster. My close friends can attest to all the hard work I have put into this channel. While consulting for clients and having a full-time business, I found the time every week to write scripts, video shoot, and edit. It has forced me to be extremely organized and methodical. I learned along the way what works and what doesn’t. Growing an audience on Youtube especially with a topic like business is no easy task. Youtube is a crowded space. When starting out, you are competing with channels who have more authority, therefore your chances of appearing in organic searches are skewed. Through trial and error, below are youtube growth hacks which have helped my channel tremendously.
Here it goes:
1) Capitalize on trending keywords and topics: Trending keywords and topics are essential to getting your content discovered. I have seen a tremendous boost in my views by being more strategic on topics I cover. I garnered over 500 organic views w my Snapchat video vs. my average 100 views.
By browsing through Google Ad Word Planner or VidIQ Pro, you can get insights on keywords that are trending. You will want to research for keywords with lower competition to increase your chances of being discovered.
2) Local content helps your ranking: Hyper-local content, meaning content that is directly linked to your geographic location will increase your chances of getting discovered. It is a simple numbers game. As your content gets more niche, your competition decreases. It also helps establish yourself as an authority for this specific niche. It enables you to connect with other individuals in your community and grow your fan base. Next time you upload a video, think about adding the city you are from in the title – for example – “Wearing my fav sneakers in Miami”
3) Newsjacking: Remember when ELLO came out? If you would have commented within 24 hours about your POV on ELLO, chances are your comment would have been picked up by a blog or journalist. Providing your opinion on a hot topic is a great way to grow your audience and viewership. Here is my previous video post about this topic: http://www.lunavega.net/2014/11/v22-boost-your-youtube-views-newsjacking/
4) Collaborate: Don’t shy away from collaborations. Youtube collaborations have been instrumental in putting celebrity video bloggers on the map. Tyler Oakley grew his fan base by inviting throughout the years other Youtubers. It exposed both participants to different audiences. Focus on finding bloggers or influencers with similar audiences. Watch my previous episode on the topic: http://www.lunavega.net/2015/11/vd63-pitching-blogger-collaborations/
Collaborations can be tricky – you must set realistic expectations. Do not expect someone with a much larger audience to automatically work with you. You must assess what you can bring to the table.
If you are interested in learning more about the exciting world of Influencer Marketing and blogger collaborations – I invite you to check out my class on Skillshare. It’s a one hour class where I further dive into steps needed to find bloggers and reach out to them.
Here is link >> http://skl.sh/1HTUaUu

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