EP#2: Strategies for global e-commerce success with Darin Hager


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Starting an e-commerce store and acquiring a global customer base comes with many challenges. To succeed in the global market, it is important to find a trustworthy manufacturing partnership, a scalable e-commerce platform, and an affordable fulfillment center. Read more here on factors to consider when expanding globally>> 

Darin Hager, founder of Heyday footwear, is a footwear fashion veteran. Founded in 2006, Heyday footwear transitioned from a wholesale distribution to a direct sales e-commerce model in 2010. He will share his insights about building an e-commerce store from scratch and growing globally. Darin admits that in the footwear industry the competition is fierce. But his passion, hard work and devoted customers kept him in business throughout the years.  His recent collaboration with fitness guru Bella Falconi has helped Heyday footwear gain a large Brazilian audience. Darin has catered to this demographic by translating his site in Portuguese using Google translate. He also answers any customer service questions in the respective language of his audience. He has created shortcuts to be able to manage the stream of customer service questions. Finding his niche, and keeping a close relationship with all his customers, made a difference. Darin also swears by Instagram, and only wishes links could be clickable within the app.

In this podcast, Darin shares his secret recipe to global success while competing with the big players. Tune in to learn about:

  • Global e-commerce best practices
  • Customer service hacks to cater to an international audience
  • International shipping considerations
  • The pro’s & con’s of manufacturing in China
  • Tips to reaching out to International Influencers
  • Promo codes best practices

We will also discuss the Amazon Cart and Twitter integration release and how it might change the online retail game. Feel free to ask your questions by using the #globalinfluence hashtag.

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