EP#59: Brazil Fashion Influencer Talk w. Dujour founder


Brazil is one of the largest fashion markets in the world, with a very active blogging community. Brazilians unique sense of style and love for social media has contributed in catapulting them as a major global fashion player. They are reportedly one of the most actively engaged population on Instagram spending more than 21 minutes per visit, 60% longer than the world average. Additionally, Brazil is Instagrams third largest source of traffic. The Brazil fashion influencer has a huge impact on the global scene, having helped put local brands on the map.

Brazilian fashion sharing apps like Dujour have capitalized on the potential local fashion influencers provide for brands. Their 200,000 registered users find daily fashion inspiration and share their style through their platform. A great tool for any brand who is looking to grow their footprint in Brazil.

In this podcast, I interviewed, Felipe Venetiglio, founder and CEO of Dujour and asked him about the subtleties of the Brazilian fashion market.

In this podcast, we will discuss:

  • How Dujour came about and its potential for brands
  • How Brazilian Fashion Bloggers interact with the platform
  • The difference between bloggers in Brazil and other countries
  • Tips on measuring and finding Brazilian influencers

Check out: DujourApp  and Felipe Venetiglio


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