EP#61: Rethinking the Fine Jewelry e-commerce experience w. Stone and Strand


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The fine jewelry industry has had a slow start in jumping into the e-commerce wagon. Many in the industry were doubtful that fine jewelry could be sold online as it requires a more tailored approach.
Stone and Strand took on the challenge by creating a unique e-commerce destination dedicated to inspiring fine jewelry lovers seeking for out of the ordinary products. In this episode of The Global Influencer podcast, Nadine McCarthy, founder of Stone and Strand,  discusses her journey rethinking the fine jewelry e-commerce experience.

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Nadine McCarthy is a bit of a jet-setter, having lived all over the world and graduated from The Wharton School of Business. Her passion for fashion and fine jewelry led her to Stone and Strand. She felt shopping for jewelry was antiquated and limited. Through her travels, she discovered many fine jewelry designers who were only selling within their geographic location. She wanted to share her findings with the rest of the world while creating a seamless jewelry shopping experience. Being a novice to e-commerce allowed her to rethink the fine jewelry e-commerce experience; she focused on the narrative versus functionality at first. For Nadine, it was more than including pretty pictures and descriptions about each piece. She wanted to mix and match different designers, speak about benefits of pairing statement necklaces with other jewelry; and provide inspiring lookbooks. Her passion and unique take to fine jewelry are successfully represented on her online store. This marriage of passion and storytelling helped garner Stone and Strand coverage on InStyle Magazine, Vanity Fair and The Wall Street Journal.

In this podcast, we will discuss:
– Which steps Stone and Strand used to translate the fine jewelry experience online
– What is the most important component of a luxury online shopping experience
– How Stone and Strand created a tailored purchasing experience to address to their customers specific needs
– Nadine’s specific advice for fashion start-up and number one priorities to address when launching.

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