Ep#60: The Future of Wearable Tech w. Claire Duke Woolley


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I have always been very interested in the future of Wearable Tech and its applications beyond health tracking. The release of the Apple Watch was a bit of a game changer last year but since, no other groundbreaking technology has hit the market by storm. As technology becomes more and more accessible and crowdfunding more attainable, why is it that Wearable Technology has had such a slow start?

In this podcast episode, I wanted to reflect on the opportunities in this burgeoning field. I invited Claire Duke-Woolley, a Fashion Tech Analyst at Beecham Research to discuss what the future holds. Claire has over ten years of experience working in the textile and fashion industries for brands like Missoni, Kenzo, Liberty of London. She joined Beecham Research in the hopes to foster more collaborations between tech and fashion to aid market development.

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In this episode, we will discuss:
– Why Wearable Fashion is having a slow start?
– What can be changed to foster more innovation?
– What are the opportunities in this field?
– Are industries like fitness and health more likely to succeed in this arena?
– What are different applications of wearable technology?
– Are there specific countries who are more receptive to wearable technology than others?

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