EP#3: Lessons on building a global tribe w. Casey Kelbaugh



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Building a global tribe doesn’t open overnight. For Slideluck, the process happened organically over the course of 10 years. Slideluck started back in 2000 in Casey’s backyard in Seattle and grew into a global non-for-profit organization. Slideluck has now chapters in 100 cities around the world. What is most extraordinary is that Slideluck grew their community organically through word of mouth.

Slideluck is a combination of potluck dinner followed by a slideshow of local artist. The premise is always the same yet the experience differs whether in Barcelona, Oslo, Mexico City and New York. From the very onset, requests came in from individuals around the world wanting to organize their very own Slideluck. Casey provided his international tribe with a platform that could easily be emulated.

Many online brands get so caught up in promoting their product that they forget about overall experience. Any successful brand makes people feel a heighten version of themselves. What is so unique about your product? What is the reason people will come back for more?

Building a global tribe, like Slideluck shows us is about making people feel part of a movement. It’s about enabling them to express themselves a certain way. Keep that in mind when building your international marketing outreach. Define what your brand stands for and create a community around those very values.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Tips on building a global tribe
  • A lesson on simplifying and finding the true essence of your brand
  • Ideas on how to engage your audience by letting them build their own chapters / fan groups

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