EP #4: Start an international business while on vacation w. Nomadic Hub



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Does working by the beach drinking a pina colada’s sound to you? Pretty amazing, right? Well meet Paul, the founder of Nomadic Hub. He has thought of it all so you can focus on business and launch internationally while on vacation.

When starting an international business, it’s important to get acquainted with the country you are looking in doing business with. Spending a month abroad can be a great way to emerge yourself in the culture of that specific country.

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Understanding a demographic’s specific needs is what will set you apart from the competition. Nomadic Hub is an organization focused in connected entrepreneurs around the world by co-working and co-living one month in various locations. Paul has been a digital nomad for two years now. It all started while he took sabbatical and travelled in India a few years back. He realized that during his travels, his creativity level soared. He was also more productive. Dividing his days between morning work sessions and afternoon activities helped fire up his business and launch it internationally. However, the challenge while traveling was finding a steady, reliable internet connection. After a while, the trips to the coffee-shop became cumbersome.

That’s when the idea to create a community of nomad entrepreneurs with whom he could share the highs and lows that come with traveling while renting a comfortable villa to live in came to mind. His first project in the south of Spain was extremely successful. Entrepreneurs from different walks of life came and collaborated.

Nomadic hub set-ups all of the logistical planning, from getting reliable internet, setting up work space within the villa, mobile coverage, etc…

In this podcast, Paul will share how co-working and fine living in exotic locations can help your business reach new heights.
* Learn the benefits of nomad entrepreneurship
* Understand how living abroad can help your international business
* Think about planning your next trip to Spain, Costa Rica, Egypt, the Philippines to name a few.

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