EP#6: Nathan Millard shares his insights about the Korean Market



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Meet, Nathan Millard, Startup Blogger, Coach, Global Connector and organizer for beLAUNCH, one of Korea’s top start-up event.

He has been working with Korea’s burgeoning tech scene these last ten years. In this podcast, he shares the subtleties of the Korean market. Korea has been captivating international audiences these last few years with the K-Pop and K-soap opera invasion. Additionally, Korean brand, Samsung is also gaining international traction and becoming a competitor to the iPhone.

Getting the Korean audience to support your brand can be challenging but the pay-off is worth it. Korea sets the trends for the entire Asian continent. China, SE Asia and Japan, look to Korea for fashion and cultural references.

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Nathan admitted that getting Korea’s attention is no easy task. For starters, besides Facebook, Korean’s use unique social media platforms like Kakao chat app. Another barrier is language as most Korean speak little English. Brands who penetrate the Korean market have to understand the culture and hire on the ground teams.

In this podcast, you will learn:
* insights about the Korean market, culture and their social media platforms of choice
* recommend tactics to engage with the demographic
* success stories of other foreign start-ups

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