EP#7: John Larkin provides a Facebook Ads crash course



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The World of Facebook Advertising can be confusing for small online retailers. There is conflicting information out there about the effectiveness of Facebook Ads. Some companies swear by its effectiveness while others have gone as far as writing public break-up letters to Facebook.

It can be an intimidating space to dabble into as a small business especially in the early stages when every dollar counts.
Smaller businesses are having a hard time competing in a crowded Facebook Ad space; where bigger advertisers have more impressions and hence an undisputed advantage.

Therefore, should you invest in Facebook Ads? What are some of the pitfalls to watch for? How can you compete in this saturated space?
I asked John Larkin, VP of Marketing at Propel AD to walk us through some of the common mistakes smaller online e-commerce business make and how best to avoid them.

Propel AD is a plug-in, currently available on Shopify, meant to simplify the advertising process for e-commerce retailers. By analyzing your metrics data, this plug-in analyzes your demographic while providing targeted Ads recommendations. Who better to give us a Facebook Ads crash course?

In this Podcast, John explains the importance of properly targeted Facebook Ads and why most online retailers have a hard time identifying their niche demographic. Most businesses get discouraged right away.

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Like traditional advertising, Facebook Ads must be fun, compelling and enticing for your audience to click through them. I can’t help to think here about Meundies.com’s story.

So I invite you to dive in and learn:

  • How you can best optimize your ads
  • How much you should be spending on Facebook Ads
  • The difference between Domain Ad, Page Post, Links, and Page Likes
  • “Look Alike” and other Facebook targeting audience tools
  • The importance of A/B testing
  • The science of imagery and creating an appealing Ad

Check out PropelAd.com and reach out to @PropelAd if you have additional questions about their services.

Was this podcast useful? What are some of the challenges you’ve had with Facebook Ads? Share your stories with me.

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