VD7: How To Grab Your Customers’ Attention

If you can’t see video above, click here: http://youtu.be/oKmBgxr0D3A

Curiosity killed the cat, they say.

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You have thirty seconds to make a good impression. So how can you peak your customers interest in such little time?

In this video, I will discuss how triggering strong emotions, being entertaining and understanding your brand’s personality will get your website the love it deserves.

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– think Tom Ford and its powerful overtly sexual ads. Understand the emotions you want to communicate to your consumer – are you trying to create an escape? what type of escape? travel? lifestyle? Carefully tweak your website’s headlines and copy tone. Do not be afraid to be entertaining and daring, otherwise you are just another site in the interweb. Did you hear about the American College Student who traveled through Europe in a Bathrobe and Instagrammed the whole thing? His stunt got him noticed on Buzzfeed. Being audacious pays off! It will grab your customers attention. Finally, refresh your homepage often, at least once a week.

Overall, spice things up, be playful, and have some fun; you are guaranteed to grab your customers attention.

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