Fashion Retailers: Get More Sales with these 4 Email Automations

Hey guys – welcome to another episode of #LOVEMONDAYS. We spoke in the last few episodes about the Importance of EMAILS… Haven’t checked-out the episodes yet? Make sure to do so now!

Emails will make or break your business. But what type of emails should you be sending to be able to CONVERT your subscribers into LOYAL customers? Well in today’s episode – i will share 4 EMAIL SERIES you can IMPLEMENT to get MORE SALES… and be MORE PROFITABLE

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So what are the 4 email Automations you can set in place to make your customers buy from you?

#1 Welcome Series (we spoke about this in the last episode – you need to first introduce your brand to your new subscribers WITHOUT trying to sell them anything) You will send them anywhere b/w 3 to 5 emails – and simply welcome them to your tribe – explain to them what they should be expecting from your brand and share your mission statement

#2 Engagement Series – quizzes – promotions – tips – styling tips

#3 Segmentation Series – browsing & email behaviors – cart abandonment – quizzes – differentiate users based on their level of engagements – we miss you series for people who haven’t been opening their emails for example

#4 POST SALE ENGAGEMENT – Provide a series of rewards to your High Fidelity customers – contests – special VIP access to special content

Now these are the 4 MAIN type of email series you should set-up and automate – this way you can easily cater to the special needs of your customers without feeling overwhelmed. Start small by writing 3 to 4 emails for each of these series – and segment your list based on their behaviors.

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