How to Introduce your brand to new subscribers (and make them buy)

Hey guys … Luna here and welcome to another episode of #LOVEMONDAYS… when was the last time you went to a bar and a complete stranger asked to Marry You? If that happened to you – you probably laughed it off – because they obviously were pretty drunk that night….

Surprise, surprise… you might be making the very SAME mistake with your Email communications to your new subscribers.

Stay tuned as I will reveal in this episode… “HOW YOU CAN INTRODUCE your BRAND to new customers – to make them BUY & hungry for more”

Asking someone in marriage is a pretty big deal right? Well so is buying from a Fashion BRAND you never purchased from… I see you rolling your eyes – but yes it is. Today’s customer is extremely skeptical – and will rarely buy from a BRAND they just discovered. So how can you build some trust & make them comfortable to purchase from you?

Comes in the WELCOME EMAIL SERIES. The welcome email series – is a series of anywhere b/w 3 to 5 emails and it is your opportunity to build TRUST & a relationship with your newly acquired SUBSCRIBERS.

Why so many emails you ask? Well because you don’t want to jump from “HEY Welcome to our Newsletter” to “HEY buy from US” that’s just as tacky as asking a stranger from Marriage at a bar.

Therefore – you must – first Welcome your subscribers to the newsletter – tell them what they should be expecting from you – in the second email they receive from you – you can speak about your mission statement as a brand & how you are different from the competition and in the THIRD email – you can include client testimonials & show your customers you are a RELIABLE – LEGIT brand –

By that point – your new subscriber will TRUST you and will be more likely to purchase from YOU.

If you want a FULL DEBRIEF in how to do the following – I encourage you to check-out my SKILLSHARE class I also provide in this class a template to help you write your WELCOME emails..

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