Never Run Out of Content

When it comes to creating content it can really get overwhelming – where do you start? How can you get more done 10x Faster? It took me a while to put in place a formula that worked well for me and my clients. In today’s episode of Love Mondays – I share the formula I use to be a content machine and get things done 10X Faster.

CREATE A CONTENT PYRAMID: Think of your content as a pyramid – so you can recycle and produce more with less. The idea here is that you must first come up with a LONG FORM BLOGPOST or an ONLINE COURSE or a FULL FLESHED OUT FASHION STORY…. Which you can later break down into an Instagram post – a Newsletter – a Blogpost etc…

Let me give you a specific example: In my case, THE CONTENT that takes me the most time to create are my ONLINE COURSES. They are usually 1 hour video classes packed with content – where I go in depth about a specific topic. If you are a FASHION BRAND – this Bigger Content – might be a Lookbook / Fashion Story you create every QUARTERLY to you introduce your new collection. You took the time to come-up with a theme that works for your audience and brand.
For example – let’s say you are launching your FALL COLLECTION – focus on BACK TO SCHOOL + BACK TO WORK + BACK TO THE GYM (write down the emotions you want to convey) – perhaps you could do a post about How to get back into a routine – How to accomplish goals – etc…) Come up with the OVERARCHING idea which you can take snippets from.

2) PLAN & EXECUTE: Once you have create YOUR BIG IDEA CONTENT – whether it’s an ONLINE COURSE – or a LOOKBOOK —- you will need to PLAN & EXECUTE. Condense what you plan on producing – so you can get it done in just one or two days – and when doing so – remember that your goal is to try to get enough content to get you through the next 2 to 3 months.
If you are doing a photoshoot – have a SHOT LIST ready – with 30 ideas or more – including outfit changes etc… so if you are shooting a BACK TO THE GYM LOOKBOOK – you might want to have a photo of a girl running in a treadmill etc…
The key is to be extremely organized and MILK as much content as you NEED from that ONE PHOTOSHOOT / VIDEO SHOOT / or LONG FORM BLOGPOST.
In my personal case – I usually write a script for my Online Course / Shoot it a few days later / and from that content – I break it down into different pieces of content.

3) SCHEDULE Finally, you will want to set-up your editorial calendar (so look as to when you will publish what type of content) and schedule your posts accordingly. Since you already have your meat & potatoes – you can pretty much just break it down from there. Go through all of the images you gathered and schedule them throughout the week – figure out what your caption will be for each images and have it all already done / scheduled. Use a tool like ScheduGram – to schedule you post in the future. It will make it a lot easier.

It sounds so unoriginal – but if you want to become a content machine – you just need to get yourself organized. Create ONE BIG lump of work for yourself upfront – that you can just go back to and edit throughout the month. It will make you a lot more efficient….

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