EP#10: Erik Harbison breaks down email marketing tactics



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Email marketing is a great customer retention tool bringing repeat customers to most sites. It helps strengthen customer relationships and raise brand awareness. However, reaching your customers via email is increasingly challenging, as anti-spam algorithm are more sophisticated, and customers inboxes flooded. A healthy email list will have between thirty percent to ten percent open rate with an average of five percent click through rate. If your metrics are below these mentioned, you should consider tailoring your current email campaigns.

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You must understand your demographic, provide valuable information and include clear call to actions. Heavy promotional, soulless emails will turn-off your potential customers if that’s all they receive from you.
Segmenting your email list based on the customer’s level of engagement is the first step in creating powerful emails. It allows you to personalize your email messaging to cater to your customers needs and interest. Additionally, A/B testing subject lines and email designs will help you better understand what works and what doesn’t for your specific demographic.

Email marketing if done right can provide tremendous growth opportunities for your business. Customers who land on your site from an email are more likely to purchase than anyone else. Cherish your mailing list as they are you most valuable customers.

I asked Erik Harbison, Chief Marketing Officer at Aweber, an email marketing service, to discuss email marketing do’s and don’t.
In this podcast, Erik shares latest marketing tactics used by retailing heavy weights to tips on how to build a healthier email list.

In this podcast you will learn:
– More about Aweber.com and how it differentiates itself from other email platforms
– How email marketing has changed these last few years
– Why is email targeting and A/B testing so important
– Recommendations on how to segment your audience
– Tips to drafting an engaging email
– Email automation / squeeze pages
– How to avoid that your email gets lost in the spam folder

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to
@ErikHarbison and I highly encourage your check-out Aweber.com services.

How effective are you current emails? Share your stories with me.

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