VD9: How To Boost Your Sales Using Instagram


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Instagram was named “King of Social Media Engagement” by a Forrester research.

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One of the challenges when using Instagram is that photos do not directly drive traffic to your site. A brand must generate enough interest for users to click on their profile.  Ironing out your Instagram marketing strategy is important.

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1) Pick a theme & schedule your pics:

  • It is important to extend your brand story through visual language.
  • Choosing a few themes which complement your brand narrative will help you post pictures that add value to your messaging.
  • Some suggestions of themes include travel, behind the scenes, inspirational or lifestyle. It’s important to not make it all about your product or take too many selfies.
  • Next, schedule your pics ahead of time – use an app like lategram.me and scatter your post to twice a day.
  • Consistency is key when looking to engage with your audience.
  • Finally, make sure to re-post and interact with your audience.

2) Integrate Instagram within your site

  • It’s been proven that people feel more comfortable buying when they see others have already purchased from you. It helps generate trust.
  • Additionally, users like to see how garments or products have been used by others. 
  • Social Photos & Tag Tray are 2 apps you can easily integrate within WordPress / SquarespaceShopify and BigCommerce sites.

3)  Run a contest

  • Contests are a great way to engage your audience but the challenge is to make it compelling enough. Additionally, you need to make the price appealing enough.
  • Providing a 20% discount to your e-commerce store won’t work. I encourage you read other brand’s case studies to understand effective marketing strategies, like Beardbrand’s success story.
  • Tools to use include: Iconosquare.com or Gleam.io

Give your audience a reason to follow you. Do not get discouraged and feed a steady picture stream for at least three months.

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