EP#13: Bib & Tuck discusses disruptive e-commerce



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Bib & Tuck did just that by being in-tune with consumers’ need to be environmentally conscious. They disrupted the online resaler’s market by simplifying an otherwise cumbersome process. Bib & Tuck is a fashion swap site where users can sell and buy items from a list of approved brands. Sellers send their items and Bib & Tuck takes care of the rest.

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Bib & Tuck has been in business for three years and has done an incredible job creating an innovative e-commerce experience while building a loyal audience.

Their business grew organically by first reaching out to their immediate contacts and growing from there. Their philosophy centered around testing out features within their site, being attuned to their customer’s needs and more.

They started as a member only site with no cash transactions – think a closet swap with all your closest girlfriends. Through word of mouth, they enlisted more users who became brand ambassadors for the brand and eventually opened to a wider audience.
Bib & Tuck now has a global following and hopes to ship internationally by next year.

In this podcast, you will learn:
– how Bib & Tuck differentiated themselves from other resaler’s websites
– useful tips on creating a viable prototype and disruptive e-commerce model
– importance of integrating analytics tools within your e-commerce
– Bib & Tuck’s learnings from their years in business
and more…

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