EP#14: Storefront shares pop-up store best practices and more



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Today’s financial climate and the accrued access to off-the-shelf e-commerce technologies, has made leasing a retail store obsolete for many businesses. As more businesses move strictly online, competing for customers’ attention is becoming increasingly difficult. Creating astute marketing efforts which include pop-up events to interact in Real Life with customers, is indispensable.
E-commerce stores like Warby Parker, Bonobos and others have dabbled with this Hybrid Retail model (selling primarily online with occasional pop-up stores in key markets) and have been quite successful with it — read more on my previous blog post.

I have been following for about a year, The Storefront, a start-up who democratized the pop-up retail experience. Through their online platform, they provide short-term pop-up retail rentals to companies. Their platform has been compared as “the Airbnb of retail.”

No doubt – there is great value in hosting a pop-up event and giving potential customers access to your products – so they can feel, touch and try on your products. However, many small online businesses often dismiss the power of real life marketing. Until recently, orchestrating a pop-up event required logistical prowess. Between negotiating with landlords, having liability insurance, finding an available space of your liking, and organizing an event; throwing a pop-up event was no walk in the park.

In this podcast, I interview, Tristan Pollock, co-founder of Storefront, to discuss pop-up store best practices, ideas on how to design your next event and more. With Storefront, you can now create meaningful experiences for your customers. A pop-up event is not only valuable for you to get real time feedback about your product, but for your customer to be able to get in direct contact with your brand.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Pop-up store best practices
  • How to plan a pop-up event
  • Ingredients needed to run a successful pop-up event
  • Stories from other online retailers who created pop-up events
  • Recommendations on how to continue the conversation after the event
  • Appropriate time to launch a pop-up event and more.

Have you ever organized a pop-up event? What was the outcome?
Share your personal stories. I would love to hear from you.

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