EP#15: Gleam Talks Growth Hacks



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Growing your customer base requires delicate planning and strategic thinking. It takes trial and error to lock down the right formula for your business. Most importantly, you must set  concrete goals to be able to measure the success or failure of all your promotional campaigns.

Online competitions are a great growth hack. They enable your brand to engage with your audience while incentivizing them to spread the word.

In this podcast, Stuart McKeown, co-founder of Gleam discusses growth hacks and strategies to get you more qualified customers via competitions. Gleam is an online tool designed to help increase user engagement via competitions, rewards programs or feedback forms.

You can launch a competition through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook by encouraging users to submit photos or sharing hashtags, for example. There are many recipes to launching a competition.

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Ideally, before you start, you should have an audience in place. You can get started with just 500 to 1,000 followers and grow from there.

In this podcast, Stuart provides recommendations on how you can start a competition and more.

You will learn:
– The benefits of running a contest
– Tactics to efficiently run a contest
– At what stage you should run a contest
– How you can get 2,000 orders with a successful contest

Conclusion: Still not convinced? I suggest you read Gleam.io case study on how they helped Beardbrand reach their sales goals. Beardbrand already had an audience but needed some growth hacks advice.  They partnered up with Gleam.io to create a contest during No-Shave November, Movember. They gave away eight beard oils valued at $560 to one lucky customer and drastically grew their sales. A great read if you would like some ideas on how to run your next contest.

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