VD14: Outsourcing Hacks For The Workaholic

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As entrepreneurs, it’s all too easy to get burned out. We try to do it all ourselves because we think it will be more efficient than training someone. I have struggled with this numerous times, burning the midnight oil and barely sleeping in the hopes to get it all done. I found throughout the years that my workaholic tendencies decreased my creativity, productivity and my overall well-being.

Outsourcing your workload is key to keeping your sanity. It is easy to feel overwhelmed especially when launching a business.

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Here are a few outsourcing hacks:

1) Hire individuals who understand your business and are easy to reach
It’s important to have good work chemistry with whomever you decide to hire. Through the interviewing process spend time learning about the person’s skill set, expertise and hobbies. Spend time getting to know them and assess if they are a good fit for your company. Ask them how they think they could help impact your business, and about their long-term goals, for example.

There are a plethora of recruiting sites out there, my favorites include:
Virtual Staff Finder

2) Break down tasks
Start by creating a to do list for yourself. Determine which tasks are the most time-consuming and then break them down.
For example, I have created scripts throughout the years that break down my digital marketing tasks into the steps required to upload blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts.
My staff can just easily follow the step-by-steps I create for each task.

Use an app like Sweetprocess to help produce these lists.

3) Set realistic timelines
Every week set deadlines for each specific deliverable.
You should include review and revision times within each schedule you create. It does sound like a lot of extra work but breaking down your workload into manageable tasks will help you set realistic expectations.

Great project management tools include:

Conclusion: I struggle with over-achiever syndrome and can spend countless hours in front of my computer. It might sound OCD, but I have to set daily reminders to take breaks. In this case, my friend had to remind me to enjoy the beach.

Any other outsourcing hacks you would like to share? What works for you? And what do you struggle with most when outsourcing your work?

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