EP#17: Monika Kanokova’s guide to Berlin’s Tech Scene



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Lately, I have been receiving lot’s of inquiries about the Berlin Tech scene. Berlin has a growing tech scene; attracting entrepreneurs looking for an affordable city where they can bootstrap their company. I lived in Berlin for about four months last year as part of an on-going project. I met a few folks who helped me better understand what Berlin was all about and captured it on this Tumblr blog.

Through the process, I had the pleasure to meet the team at Somewhere, a start-up that helps pair individuals with companies through sharing their work process. Monika Kanokova, community and content strategist at Somewhere, and I bonded. Monika has been in Berlin for two years.

In this podcast, she provides a guide to Berlin’s tech scene from which co-working space you should consider joining to best nachos spot (go check-out White Trash in Prenzlauer Berg.) She introduces us to Somewhere, think LinkedIn meets Pinterest and why they are such a great international community to tab into to find like-minded companies and employees.

She also recommends you download Berlin Start-up Guide, a free e-book with all the information you will need if you plan on moving to Berlin.

Listen to this podcast, to learn:
– What makes Berlin different from other tech hubs
– Why you shouldn’t spend all your nights at Berghain
– How you can be part of the Somewhere community and meet other international entrepreneurs
– Things to watch for when moving to Berlin

Berlin is a city bubbling with innovation. It’s a haven for artists and tech entrepreneurs alike. The city’s cheap cost of living make it easy for anyone to go build their dream start-up. Berlin has become an international hub where English is widely spoken, and the airport provides direct flights to London, New York and San Francisco.
Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I highly encourage, if you are thinking about it, to go spend some time there. You won’t be disappointed.


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