EP#18: Jason Dea from ForewardsApp Shares Referral Marketing Tactics



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In the world of e-commerce, referral marketing often falls to the bottom of the priority list. Many e-commerce businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity by not taking advantage of referral marketing programs. After all, the best sales people for any product will ultimately be the passionate and loyal customers of that brand.

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In recent studies, 83% of consumers said they would be willing to refer a business that they like, but only 29% actually do. So how can businesses get the other 54% of consumers to make a referral? Just ask.

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In this podcast, Jason Dea, founder of ForewardsApp, provides recommendations on how to implement referral programs that convert into real sales. ForewardsApp is an online tool that implements high-impact, self-running customer referral programs for busy e-commerce store owners.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of having a referral marketing program
  • The kinds of referral marketing programs that convert into sales
  • The right time to launch a referral marketing program
  • Where referral marketing programs are headed

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